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Well the guy whose bass player wrote the MTV News bump is in the actual news again for, before an audience in Singapore, accusing President Obama of orchestrating both the Aurora, Colorado, and Wisconsin Sikh temple shootings for some kind of nebulous political gain in this election year and it has us thinking: were there warning signs of a looming politically incorrect psychotic break in born-again Megadeth axe-slinger Dave Mustaine’s 30 years of thrash metal lyric writing? In a word, yes.

Things I missed out on in those long years I spent wandering in the desert, having forsaken heavy metal for John Coltrane and the Magik Markers: Dave wrote a song called “Amerikahastan.” I still like this one though, “Youthanasia,” Megadeth, Youthanasia

POSTED Aug 16 2012 @ 12:40
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